Vacation Mode + SIX YEARS

Last week’s goals:

1. Get ready for vacation: A
Well, here we are in Disney World, so I guess it happened.

2. Take care of myself: B
I did my best, but my body rebelled anyway. I’m feeling much better but still not to 100%. I was kinda concerned there for a minute that my health would keep us from this trip we’ve been saving for and planning for years.. glad that isn’t what happened! 

This week’s goal:

Vacation Mode!
This week, my only priority is to have a healthy & FUN anniversary trip.

Speaking of anniversaries, TODAY is Josh’s and mine! We’ve been married for six years! I can hardly believe it. I don’t feel like enough of an adult to have been married for six years, but here we are so I guess I am. (I’ve technically been an adult for almost a decade, but I still feel like an imposter. When does that feeling go away??)

Being married to Josh has been the best part of my life. He encourages me to be a better person. He takes care of me emotionally, physically, spiritually. He challenges my assumptions about God, love, and the way the world works. He makes me laugh more than anyone else. He accepts me despite my flaws – despite the things I can’t change that would make his life easier if they weren’t that way. He is kind and tender and gentle. He’s my best friend! 

Here’s to sixty more years together šŸ˜‰ 

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