Not As Planned

Well, Tropical Storm Hermine has made our trip to Disney World a lot wetter than we expected – and colder! I didn’t pack properly for these conditions! I was shivering my way through Magic Kingdom this afternoon.. it was kinda pathetic. At least we brought along some nice ponchos.

My health has also put a bit of a damper on our time here, unfortunately. On Monday and yesterday, my stomach was bothering me a lot (traveling affected me more than I’d hoped it would). Today it’s feeling mostly better, but my energy still isn’t what it should be. To be honest with y’all, I feel guilty that I can’t keep up with Josh. I’m slowing him down / keeping him from all the things he wants to be doing. He’s not complaining or anything, but I still feel bad. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more up for roaming the parks (even if Hermine is supposed to be worse tomorrow – bleh!). This evening, we are strategizing ways for me to rest throughout the day and also get to do a lot of the things we wanted to do. Tomorrow we will test our theories! I’m crossing my fingers and praying that things go smoothly from here on.

The good news is, I’m still enjoying myself. I’m still glad we came! I’m still looking forward to the rest of our time here! And I’m really glad I’m experiencing it with this adorable goober:


2 thoughts on “Not As Planned

  1. Stay safe! Orlando is out of the direct path of the storm, but there are still a lot of flood/tornado warnings around that area.
    I only know this because I live in Fl, so I understand those struggles. 😀
    Have fun, you guys! I hope you feel better and are able to enjoy the rest of your time!


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