Day of Rest

Part of why our trip to Disney World is so long is because we knew I’d be taking everything at a slower pace, due to my low energy levels. Because of this, we built in designated Rest Days when I’d just stay at the hotel room to get some extra sleep and recharge. That has been working pretty well so far!

Today was a rest day. On my rest days, Josh still goes into the parks for a few hours (he gets antsy hanging around the hotel room, haha). This way, he gets to ride some of the more thrilling rides that my motion-sickness won’t let me get away with. I know it’s kind of a weird way to spend an anniversary trip – half together, half apart – but it works for us! We’ve been having such a blast!

This morning, Josh went to Disney Springs and got us vegan/gluten free donuts for breakfast – what a treat! I got the samoa donut, and split a coffee crunch donut with Josh. They were delicious!!


I wish I could eat more fun desserts, but that’s probably going to be my one sweet splurge while we’re here. Y’all, it’s unbelievable how quickly my body reacts to sugar. I haven’t been terribly sick or anything today after my donut, but I can definitely tell that I shouldn’t be eating donuts on a regular basis. HOWEVER, I’ve done a pretty good job of eating healthily / avoiding my triggers while also getting to try some awesome food this week.. I haven’t felt like I’m missing out on much. So I’m grateful for that!

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