Friday Favorites (link roundup): Hamilton, 1989 is Hell, The Internets, and Giraffes

Ahh, home sweet home. I’m happy to be in my own bed right now!

Here are some links I collected from around the internet this week:

For those of us who still freakin’ love HamiltonName that “yo”: A Hamilton quiz. I got 8 out of 10.

That “Ryan Adams in the style of Taylor Swift” cover album was released last week and I forgot to share it here! 1989 is Hell is a lot of fun for anyone who enjoys both TSwift and DRA. It’s not something I’ll listen to a lot (like the two original albums are), but it’s really cool to hear how they blended the songs!

I totally related to this personal essay about being addicted to the internet: On the Internet, I Wasn’t Living My Best Life. I Wasn’t Living Any Kind of Life. “..when I find my thumb operating with a mind of its own, tapping social media icons on my phone repeatedly, with no idea what it’s looking for, when I find myself conflating social media likes with my actual human value—I know I’ve got a case of The Internets.”

Apparently, Giraffes are actually FOUR DIFFERENT SPECIES???

I hope everyone had a great week. Happy weekend! See you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites (link roundup): Hamilton, 1989 is Hell, The Internets, and Giraffes

  1. 6 out of 10 – that quiz started off easy but got harder as it went!! I am totally obsessed with Hamilton right now – thanks to you I looked into it and I’ve been listening to the album on itunes non-stop (sorry couldn’t resist the pun!). So incredibly well written and so clever in every way.

    Glad you’re home – hope you get a chance to rest now xx


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