Meet Mia

Guess what! We adopted a dog over the weekend! Her name is Mia!

csl7nkzwyaetwuz-jpg-largeMia is a red lab, about a year old, and still very much a puppy. She’s adorable and sweet, but she’s also very vocal and very energetic. I’ll be honest, it’s been a little stressful. I don’t like being barked at. Our last dog, Lulu, rarely barked except when she was being aggressive, so my adrenaline still shoots up when any dog starts barking near me. The upside to Mia being so vocal is that I’m being desensitized to that fear! Her barking is never aggressive – it’s playful or sad or frustrated, but not aggressive. It’s also very LOUD. She’s been keeping us up at night so thaaaat’s been frustrating. Today I felt kinda lousy because of a lack of sleep. I’m looking forward to the moment when she realizes that her barking isn’t going to do her any good, and she accepts her nighttime situation a little more, ahem, quietly.

At least she’s cute.


Anyway, onto the goals:

Last week’s goals:

1. Stay healthy: A
Other than a lingering head cold, I’m really pleased with how my health held up while we were in Disney World.

2. Have fun: A+
Check! We had a blast.

3. Post-vacation chores: A
Bags were unpacked, laundry started, and the house was mostly tidied the evening we got home. Yay us!

This week’s goals:

1. Walk around the neighborhood  at least 3 times 
Since Mia has so much energy, we’re exercising her a lot in the hopes that it’ll help with the barking. Walking her is also a good way for me to bond with her!

2. Make appointments
Ugh. I hate appointments. They make me so anxious and frustrated with myself for being anxious. But I need to push through that anxiety and take care of some things I’ve been putting off for too long.

3. Get back into the swing of things
We haven’t been on a normal video-shooting schedule since before the big Patreon meet-up at the beginning of August. Time to get back into a routine. We’re also going to be creating a new routine with Mia so we’ll have to figure that out as we go.

6 thoughts on “Meet Mia

  1. I’m sure you don’t need advice, but Mia reminds me of our Emmy and how she had a loud, jarring bark for a dog so small. I felt like she was going to give me a heart attack one day because her barks were just so sudden and we’re a pretty quiet household. Emmy was also a whiner. That bugged me more than the barking. She learned fairly quickly though, from me at least, that whining would not get her what she wanted. I would stop whatever I was doing and turn my back to her when she whined because she wanted something, and then when she stopped whining I would turn back around and proceed with doing the thing. We did this when she would whine to be let out of her crate in the mornings, and when she was anticipating dinner, because she would get really worked up otherwise. I don’t think it ever completely solved the problem, but it certainly made a difference. I hope you have success with teaching Mia not to bark so much, or that you are able to adjust quickly. I can sympathize. 🙂

    Likewise with appointments. I’ve been wanting to make an appointment with a counselor about some issues I’m having, and one of those issues is anxiety, including toward phones. But I have to call to make the appointment. haha So it feels very contrary to me, and I avoid doing it. Which makes me frustrated with and embarrassed of myself. Like am I really going to let this telephone get the better of me? :-p I try to remind myself it’s just another human on the other end of the line, and that they make mistakes and have fears and will probably forget my conversation pretty quickly. Cheering you on over here! ❤


  2. I have so much to catch up on with your blog because I have not had time to read any at all lately. I saw Josh made this post about Mia on his twitter I think (maybe IG) and I was really happy that you guys were able to get another dog. Mia is really cute. I hope she doesn’t bark as much or as loudly! Great goals and great job in completing last week’s goals!

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