rambling thoughts about our new dog

Five days into puppy-owenership, and things are still pretty loud around here. We are all three learning how to make this work. Thankfully, Mia is smart and eager to please so we’ve already had some small successes in behavior training! Training is sometimes annoying, but it’s rewarding when you can see improvements. Especially so quickly. I’m looking forward to starting an obedience class sometime soon.


I am feeling better about the situation now that she is settling down a little bit. It’s not her fault, but I still find myself anxious when she is being loud and/or “mouthing” me. Mia’s a big dog, and I don’t like being reminded of what happened with Lulu. But I have to remember that she’s not Lulu. She’s friendly and gentle (even when she gets overexcited and play-bites me, she doesn’t apply any pressure). We haven’t seen any signs of aggression or fear in Mia. I keep reminding myself that if the worst thing I have to worry about is that she’ll chew something I don’t want her to, or she’ll keep me up by barking at night, then I’m in good shape. Because I know that we can work on correcting those behaviors with her.

I feel like I am comparing Mia to Lulu a lot, both negatively and positively. I’m not sure it’s fair, but I can’t help wishing she were more like Lulu in personality (laid-back and independent), while simultaneously being relieved that she’s not like Lulu in the one big negative THING that was wrong with Lulu (aggression and biting). I’m sure that instinct to compare the two will fade as I get used to Mia.

I don’t have any point or conclusion; I’m just rambling. And now it’s my bed time. I’m crossing my fingers that the “less barking every night” trend continues.

6 thoughts on “rambling thoughts about our new dog

  1. Imho, comparing them isn’t so bad. 🙂 Emmy has been gone for 6 months now and we still compare her and Toby (and Toby was here first). Toby was our first dog, so I think we’ll always compare every dog to him.

    I don’t know anything about having kids, but I have heard all my life people saying that when you have more than one child, they can be night and day personalities, but you love them equally. I found this to be true with our dogs. We had to learn that Emmy was different from Toby and that the same things may not work for each of them. Emmy was fragile, and Toby is incredibly resilient. But Toby is pretty independent, and Emmy was a cuddle bug. Mia’s uniqueness and special traits will shine through as you get to know her. 🙂


  2. It is normal to compare dogs. I have had so many dogs in my upbringing that whenever I got another, I’d definitely compare.
    “Oh none of them bite like Sapphire did.”
    “Oh, she barks just like Precious did.”
    “At least she isn’t a big oaf like Snowball was.”
    “The only gross dog we had was Stanley when he ate his own poop all the time!”
    “Holli was so sweet, remember, unlike the others?”

    And then with the last one: “Patience was my favorite dog ever.”

    I am sure if we ever get another dog in the future, I will compare them all to Patience.

    I really think it is okay to compare dogs to one another and I don’t know if they will really understand about the dogs of the past.


    • Well, that makes me feel better that it’s a normal thing to do. I think it is complicated for me because we had to make the hard decision to put Lulu to sleep, so every time I compare I feel a little guilty that there were so many things I loved about Lulu, but we still couldn’t find a safe solution that allowed her to keep living. Ugh. I really hate that she’s gone. It’s a weird balance of wanting to remember the good things about her, but also HAVING to remember the bad things because otherwise made a horrible mistake. Which, I don’t believe we did, for the record. I still have scars from the last time she attacked, so like obviously the situation was not safe.. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss her. Like I said… complicated. Haha.

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      • You may have scars forever. I have scars still from my first dog’s attack on me from when I was only 9. My sons noticed it recently and asked about them (there is a mark from a tooth going directly into my wrist and a couple other tooth marks next to it).

        Don’t feel guilty, people know you did all you could to try to give Lulu a life of love and make things safe for all she encountered. I pray that Mia will be the best dog ever. 🙂


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