3 Albums That Put Me in a Good Mood

Music has an interesting power to amplify whatever mood we find ourselves in. Sad songs feel good when we’re sad. Happy songs are fun to revel in when we’re happy. Love songs are best enjoyed by those who are in love. But the right music can also change our moods.  Here are three albums that consistently put me in a good mood, no matter how I’m feeling.

Keep No Score by Sleeping at Last

Pretty much every Sleeping at Last song fills me with awe. This album in particular is special to me because it’s one of the first albums that Josh let me borrow back when we were just friends. Also, we walked back up the aisle together to the second verse of “Umbrellas” after being pronounced married! It’s difficult to choose favorites, but if I HAD to choose, I’d recommend “Tension & Thrill,” “Needle & Thread,” “Quicksand,” and “Umbrellas” (of course).


Air for Free by Relient K

All of Relient K’s albums put me in a good mood (especially Forget and Not Slow Down), but I’m particularly digging their newest one lately. My favorite songs are “Air for Free,” “God,” “Mountaintop,” and “Flower.”.


Pure Heroine by Lorde

I love Lorde’s voice SO MUCH. And I can’t help but dance when I hear the beats on this album. “Tennis Court,” “Buzzcut Season,” “Glory and Gore,” and “A World Alone” are the songs I love the most.


What are your go-to good-mood albums?

7 thoughts on “3 Albums That Put Me in a Good Mood

  1. Mine are its not over yet by for King and country, never to far gone by Jordan Feliz, and tell your heart to beat again by Danny Gokey


  2. I love Sleeping at Last! especially Saturn and North. My albums would be The Killers Greatest Hits, Beneath the Medicine Tree by Copeland, and Endless Years by Will Raegan and the United Persuit. Love those three!


  3. I was just listening to Air for Free today, and it is so good! Lately Switchfoot’s new album Where the Light Shine Through has been my go-to-pick-me-up. American Beauty/American Psycho by FOB is another good one. Really and truly though, anything by Switchfoot is just what I need.


  4. I use Spotify only all the time, so I’ve made myself a “happy music” playlist. 🙂 So I’m not sure I can pick single albums, but I love Paper Aeroplanes, Rootdown (Paul Wright), Seven Places (except “Glowing”), and pre-90s Michael Jackson. Some of these are encouraging, but a lot of them are mostly fun listens, which is often what I need if I’m trying to get happy.


  5. Aw I have loved Sleeping At Last for so so long. Yey!! They really are so good.
    My Good Mood Albums as you put it are

    Paper Route’s albums. . . just all of them. Their first EP is what got me hooked. I calm down immediately when I hear them.

    Other than that hmmmm. It is hard!!
    Random Task’s “Dividing Line” (but you can’t find it anywhere. They were a local NJ band. . .one of their members became Armor for Sleep and another became Steel Train). It is pretty much my favorite album ever.

    Kye Kye’s “Fantasize” gets played constantly here and I always enjoy it.


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