Puppy Love (AKA Mild Separation Anxiety)

Today I hung out with Mia on the front stoop for almost an hour. I played on my phone and listened to a podcast while she sniffed around the yard and barked her way through some long-distance conversations with the other neighborhood dogs.

She is a very social dog and won’t hang out outside unless Josh or I are out there with her.. we don’t have to be engaging her while we’re out there – she’ll do her own thing – but the minute you try to go back inside she’s like, “hey wait! what are y’all doing in there without me!? LET ME IN!!!” It’s a little annoying, so I’d like to teach her to entertain herself without us having to be nearby. At the same time, it’s also very endearing that she wants to be around us all the time. I can’t be too annoyed with her when she’s just being a sweet puppy.

One thought on “Puppy Love (AKA Mild Separation Anxiety)

  1. For what it’s worth, I don’t think that’s unusual behavior. 🙂 Mine rarely wants to be outside if we’re not, aside from when he’s doing his business. She is adorable. ❤ I hope you are adjusting some to the barking, though I recall my own experience taking quite a while (or so it seemed from my perspective). Has she met any other dogs yet?


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