our friend Kevin got married today and Josh was the best man and i am really excited for Kevin and his bride Carmen! i’m exhausted even though i didn’t have to do  anything in / for the wedding haha. After the reception we hung out with a couple friends who were in town just for the wedding so that was a lot of fun.. but again, i am exhausted.

At least we looked cute!


my real point here is that i forgot about the blog today so i don’t have anything to write about and i’m kinda getting tired of having to do this every day. i’m not saying i’m giving up on the daily project… idk. i just need to be better about planning ahead, i think.

we’ll see how i feel after i get some sleep. gnight.

2 thoughts on “tired 

  1. I honestly don’t know how you blog every single day. I struggle to find the time to even blog biweekly! I’m even envious because I find all of your posts interesting, even if I can’t find time to read every day. Sometimes I go back and read the ones I missed anyway. 🙂 But if you find it a struggle, do what works best for you! If you forget a day, no big deal. Give yourself some grace. 🙂


  2. awww really sweet. Is that Kevin the Say Goodnight Kevin who shows up on your channel sometimes and helps out here and there? I think I saw his youtube channel once only (I’m not really much of a youtube watcher other than about 5). That is sweet Josh was the best man. I hope you rested well afterwards.


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