It’s been a long day and I never got to recover from the long day yesterday so I’m still pretty worn out.

Tonight we shot Messy Mondays for the first time in over a month. We are all rusty so it took a little longer than usual, but we got it done. Josh will edit in the morning and the video will probably be up sometime in the afternoon. This is the most last-minute video shoot we’ve done in a long time! But it’ll work out.

The quality of my sleep has not been great for the last week.. Josh’s, either. He looks tired, and I’m really starting to feel the effects of poor sleep. That and stress are my top Crohn’s triggers, so this isn’t good! Thankfully, Mia is doing better about being quiet during the night, but she wakes us up with whining and barking as soon as the sun starts coming up. So even though things are better they’re not ideal yet. We are moving her crate a little farther from our bedroom and covering it with a blanket tonight with the hopes that she will sleep in in the morning. I’m sure it’s just one of those things that takes a while to figure out, and she’ll grow out of whining & crying in the mornings. I HOPE SO.

man, how did it get to be so late? Time for sleep. Goodnight, see y’all tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. …and I don’t know if that’s been the best idea. We’ve only had small/medium sized dogs, so they might not be as loud as a larger dog. But I sometimes wonder how things might be different if we moved the crate. Sounds like you’re all making good progress, and somewhat quickly! 🙂 (Sorry for 2 comments; I hit the post button by mistake).


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