Start Over on Monday

Last week’s goals:

1. Walk around the neighborhood at least three times: A+
I took Mia for FOUR walks this week! It is getting easier and I’m feeling less anxious the more I do it.

2. Make appointments: F
Man, I barely thought about the appointments I need to make, and when I did think about them, it was just to put them out of my mind. I hate going to the doctor, and I hate going to the dentist, and even smaller things like getting my hair cut makes me anxious because anytime someone is expecting me at a certain time, there’s a chance I’ll start feeling ill and be late or have to cancel. My appointment anxiety is real but it makes me feel dumb.

3. Get back into the swing of things: C
All week I’ve felt like things were off-kilter because we haven’t settled into a routine again yet. This coming week is going to be even busier, haha. Oh well. It’ll happen organically, I’m sure.

This week’s goals:

1. Walk around the neighborhood at least four times
We can really tell a difference when Mia gets walked a few times during the day. Josh takes her for a run in the morning and in the evening, and I think that also taking her for a quick walk after lunch can only help. It’s good for me, too, so.. win-win.

2. Make appointments 

3. Get to bed early every night
As we’re training Mia to sleep in a little later, it’s clear that I need to improve my overall sleep quality. The best way I can see to do that is to try to get a couple extra hours of sleep at the beginning of the night instead of relying on sleeping in to get my required hours.

4. 2-in-1 week
This week we have to release a special THURSDAY Messy Mondays video because we had an extra sponsor this month. Not a bad problem to have! This week was already going to be crazy because Josh is going out of town overnight for a speaking engagement.. now it’ll be doubly crazy, but I have faith in us.

3 thoughts on “Start Over on Monday

  1. Gosh! What a great post! I think I will do one! BTW, I LOVE blimey cow! Since I’m a homeschooler, I can TOTALLY relate to a lot of the videos! Hey, can you check out my blog and maybe follow it? I followed yours, and it was a great decision!


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