things i’m digging


Mia and I had a little bit of a rough start in our first few days together. I wondered if we’d made a mistake by getting such a needy & loud dog, but she’s winning me over! As we’re settling into more of a routine, her personality is becoming more apparent. She’s a real sweetheart.

Julian’s Paleo Wraps


These wraps are kind of expensive (even at a discount from, but they’re delicious. They’re made of 100% coconut, so I can make myself salad wraps (which I’ve been craving lately!) without eating gluten. They’re a great alternative to flour tortillas. They don’t taste too coconut-y, but they do add a subtle sweetness to the wrap that I like a lot.

pH test strips


This week, I ordered a pack of 100 home test strips and confirmed my suspicions that I’m acidic. Now that I know that for sure, I can adjust my diet to become more alkaline. It’s cool having such a simple way to keep track of my pH level so I’ll be able to see improvement over time in a quantifiable way.

Unreal brand chocolate peanut butter cups


I found these on sale at Kroger the other night and bought a couple for me and Josh on a whim. They’re delicious! If you’ve ever made “healthy” homemade peanut butter cups, they taste a lot like that. It was a nice treat.

What are you currently digging?

4 thoughts on “things i’m digging

  1. I am digging Jane the Virgin on Netflix. What a fun show. I’m digging fall weather being so close I can almost taste it. I’m digging the demise of the mosquitoes said weather will bring, lol. And I’m digging the music video for The Black Keys “Lonely Boy,” which someone showed me recently. Sorry that’s a really random list!

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