3 Fictional Characters That Describe Me (with explanations)

There’s a meme going around on twitter right now where you’re supposed to choose 3 fictional characters to describe yourself. I wasn’t going to do it because I couldn’t think of 3 characters that weren’t just wishful thinking, haha (like Anne Shirley or Hermione), but Josh helped me come up with these three.. and then I realized that this meme is kind of perfect for Three Things Thursday! So here are three characters that I really identify with:

Jane Bennet (from Pride & Prejudice) because I’m kind-hearted, shy, and sweet, but I also have trouble standing up for myself and/or my opinions and convictions.

Sadness (from Inside Out) because I love a good cry, I see value in letting ourselves feel sadness fully and also empathizing with others when they’re hurting, but I also sometimes get overwhelmed by the world to the point that I’m “..too sad to walk. Just give me a few hours.”

Pam Beesly (from The Office) because I’m good-humored, easily delighted, and creative, but I’m also insecure, impatient, and struggle to tap into my own creativity. Also, Pam & Jim’s relationship story is kinda similar to Josh’s and mine with the false starts/timing issues, but eventually we got together and are perfect for each other just like PB&Jim  ❤

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