Friday Favorites (link roundup): Angela Lansbury, Monty Python, Prejudice

Josh was out of town last night so I was handling all the Mia duties on my own.. which means I didn’t get much sleep last night or rest today. That puppy is high-maintanence!  He’s back home now, but the damage is already done, haha – I’m exhausted.

If you’re a fan of Beauty & the Beast, you’ve likely already seen this. Angela Lansbury is such a treasure! I love her.

I was very sad to hear that Monty Python’s Terry Jones has been diagnosed with a similar type of dementia as the kind my mother has. This disease is already awful, and I can imagine it’s particularly difficult for a man whose career was built on quick wit and word play. I’m sad that anyone has to deal with dementia at all.

Momastery’s Why I’m Prejudiced & So Are You really struck me this week. I think it’s so important to take every thought captive; be humble in admitting that there are prejudices we don’t MEAN to hold. We can’t correct the thought-process that we won’t admit are in place. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s important! “Since I’ve started speaking about this, one thing that I’ve had to resist is shutting down and shutting up in response to this refrain: BUT I’M NOT RACIST. I AM NOT PREJUDICED. I WAS RAISED BETTER THAN THAT. I need you to please try to hear me on this. / We are raised by our families, but we are also raised by our culture.”

What are the most interesting things you’ve come across online this week? Happy weekend, my friends!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites (link roundup): Angela Lansbury, Monty Python, Prejudice

  1. I am a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast!! Belle is my favorite Disney princess and the song Beauty and the Beast is one of my absolute favorites. I really want to find some sheet music so I can play it on the piano. Actually I hadn’t seen that video yet. Thanks for sharing!!


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