Today was really, really good because I got to spend time with a lot of people that I love. My parents are back in town for a little bit (!!) so we had a special a daughter-parent lunch date. I don’t get to spend time with just the two of them and me very often. Then this afternoon, Josh & I helped celebrate and “shower” some beloved friends who are getting married in a couple weeks. What a fun crowd! There are some groups that just make you feel at ease every time. Like I said: today was really, really good.

But today was also sad. An acquaintance reached out to me online for some support during a rough time. I felt like there was a round of tug-of-war between happiness and sadness going on in my heart all afternoon.

I guess all I can do is let myself be fully present during happy moments, then pray for and offer encouragement to those who are hurting during sad moments.

Here’s a happy moment from today:


One thought on “Tug-of-War

  1. Cute picture!
    That is good you got to spend time with your parents.
    That is also good that someone was able to reconnect with you, though not good that it happened due to a sad reason. 😦 I’m sorry. I hope you can encourage them the best you can.


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