Currently (watching, dreading, appreciating, tasting)

Currently, I’m:

We usually go over to our friends’ house to watch Survivor on Wednesday nights, but they were out of town, so Josh and I watched on our own this evening. This season is really good! I admit, I rolled my eyes when they announced the season’s theme (Millennial vs. Gen-X), but we’re only two episodes in and it’s already really interesting. Usually it takes me a few episodes to get into each season, but I’m already invested in some of the characters. I’m excited to see how it all plays out!

..going to meet a new GI doctor and all the tests and treatments that will come. I admit that I’m terrified. Many tears have been shed.

..all the encouragement and support that I’ve gotten from you guys after I wrote about my appointment anxiety on Monday. I don’t really know how to express how much of a help that has been. I haven’t been able to reply to every message yet, but I appreciate the kindness and support so much.

I’m on a bit of a raspberry kick! I always forget how much I like raspberries (and they come in such small containers that I don’t think to grab them very often). But I’ve recently rediscovered my taste for them and they’re SO YUMMY. I’ve been adding them to salads, cereal, and even just on their own with a drizzle of honey for a sweet snack.

Thankful for
heating pads, GT’s kombucha, messages of solidarity, neck pillows, good TV, our close proximity to the grocery store, sleepy puppy cuddles, that Mia is finally settling down, that my parents are back in town, and that my husband loves me enough to challenge my unhealthy patterns and talk through my fears with me.

What are you currently watching, dreading, appreciating, tasting, and/or thankful for?

5 thoughts on “Currently (watching, dreading, appreciating, tasting)

  1. Hey Kelli! I usually don’t have the time to comment on your posts, but wanted you to know that I get them in my inbox and always look forward to reading them. :D:D Keep it up!


  2. I’ve always thought raspberries were the prettiest berries, but the most peculiar-feeling — they have a kind of furry resilient bounce in the palm. Blueberries are my favorite, though. I’ve been praying for you re: doctors’ visits.

    Watching: My husband has always wanted me to watch all the way through Buffy and Angel, so I’ve been watching those for awhile. Meh. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes I get really tired of them really quickly. But last night I got him to watch Poldark S1E1 with me (I’ve seen S1 before) and now I think we’ll be on a Poldark kick for awhile, thank goodness! Once he finishes S1, we’ll get to watch S2 now that it’s available so I’m excited!

    Dreading: Not much at the moment, though I have a doctor’s visit in a couple weeks that I’m not looking forward to.

    Appreciating: Fall! The cold weather. Our new bed (got a great deal on a gorgeous cherry bed on Craigslist!). My sweet dog’s eternally cheerful attitude.

    Tasting: Water and French vanilla coffee

    Thankful for: Quiet Thursdays in the office. And having pine-cones and pine needles all over my front yard and the very back of my backyard. It’s one of my favorite things about my house even after a whole year.

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  3. I LOVE raspberries, but every time I eat them I break out in rashes, but they are so good. I can have them in juice form though, so I do that a lot. Mmmm. Sad, because they are one of the only fruits I WANT to eat and the only one I can eat (thankfully too, because I love them) are avocados.
    I hope that you were able to make those appointments. I too am bad at making such appointments. . .and have put off making some. Going to make an eye appointment for my 9 year old now. Your post made me guilty (in a good way).
    That is great that Josh talks you through your fears and is so suportive of you!! Yey!
    You have a lot to be thankful for.🙂
    watching: About to watch an episode from the Korean Drama called “Oh My Venus” about a girl who used to be the most popular with guys in high school, grows up and is obese in her early thirties, meets a man who is a personal trainer and they fall for one another even when she is still obese which is cute.
    dreading: scanning a bunch of photos. I have been decluttering my photos and getting rid of the majority to keep it digital other than when I make shutterfly books. I threw out 800 photos so far but have about 400 to scan. . .might have to bring that down to 200 or less. . .
    appreciating: the quiet (that is weird for an extrovert)
    tasting: nutella on crackers
    thankful for: left over fabric to make more pretty quilts with.


  4. I’m watching the movie We Are The Best! or at least I’ve been meaning to re-watch it, since it fills me with joy every time I do.

    I’m dreading: current circumstance isn’t the best, but still grateful to God.

    I’m Appreciating: New friends

    I’m tasting: Lemon Cake!

    Thankful for: y’all at Blimeycow


  5. I am so happy to see such a long list of “thankful fors” from you! That’s awesome!

    I am…
    -Watching “Offspring” – it’s an Australian drama, basically about a dysfunctional family, haha. Very much a drama. Not sure what I think of it… I think I am mostly frustrated at the main character… But I still kinda want to find out what happens.
    -Dreading giving birth around Christmas time :O
    -Appreciating amazing weather here in Queensland, Australia! And days off. And the opportunity I have to study.
    -Tasting Greek yoghurt with homemade granola and mulberries!


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