Spending Time With Mom

Yesterday, I hung out with Mom while Dad went golfing with an old college buddy. Mom and I had a great time! She seemed really clear-headed and engaged during our hours together. It was truly wonderful for me to have relatively easy conversations and to laugh with her.


We started our day with Brunch at First Watch, where it was loud but she handled it better than I’ve seen her do in a long time! We were able to keep conversation going despite the distracting atmosphere. She was goofy and engaging.. it was awesome. Here she is making one of her classic goofy faces:


We went back to the house and watched Zootopia, which she loved. She played with Mia for a while, too. I wish I’d had some coloring books or something, because we ended up puttering around for a little bit, just counting down the time til Dad came to pick her up. But it was still a good time together, and I could tell she enjoyed it!

I’ve written before about how spending time with mom is often bittersweet. Sweet because I want to make new memories with her and soak up every minute together.. and bitter because of her dementia symptoms being front-and-center. I feel like I have a better outlook than I used to – I’m able to just spend time with her without focusing on her difficulties so much. I didn’t even cry after being with her most of yesterday, where a few months ago I would’ve been a wreck.

I’m trying to keep in mind that she is more than her disease. I’ve always tried to keep that in mind, but I feel like I’m doing a better job now.

2 thoughts on “Spending Time With Mom

  1. I can see what you like First Watch. It looks lovely.
    That’s great that your mom got to play golf with an old college pal and your dad. It is nice that she has those clear-headed moments too!!!

    How did you like Zootopia? My sons love that film. It is really cute. I finally watched Inside Out with them this week and cried…..


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