Riding in Cars With Dogs 

Mia is funny. She gets SO excited about riding in the car, but after about two minutes she starts feeling anxious. She paces in the back seat and whines nervously for the rest of the drive. It’s super annoying, haha. But I get it. I feel anxious when I’m out of control, too! 

I know this is super cheesy, but our drive today made me think about my reaction to uncertainty in life. If I’d just chill for a sec and trust that the driver has my best interest at heart, then I could just relax and enjoy the ride! 

See? Super cheesy. But I guess I need to hear this message because I’m seeing it everywhere. 

2 thoughts on “Riding in Cars With Dogs 

  1. Mia is a gorgeous dog. Have you ever considered installing a pet barrier to keep her secure to the rear of the vehicle? May help reduce her anxiety.
    Love your thinking in this post – we all need to be better about dealing with uncertainty.


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