Preemptive Therapy

Last week’s goals:

1. Walk the neighborhood at least three times: F
My energy has been really low and I’ve been in some pain, so I skipped out on walks this week. But I did try to go outside for a few minutes every day.

2. Make Appointments: A
I FINALLY DID IT! I made the phone calls. I went to see a general doctor today because I need a referral in order to see the gastroenterologist that I want to try. The appointment today was a million times better than I expected; now all I can do is wait to hear back from the specialist’s office.

3. Take Care of Myself: A-
I’ve been pretty good about pushing myself to be healthy this past week. I didn’t go on my walks, but I did spend time outside almost every day. I’m back in the swing of taking my supplements every day, and I’m working on my pH level. I cheated some for Jordan’s birthday dinner, but otherwise I’ve stuck to healthy / safe foods. Mental-health-wise, I fought through some intense anxiety and had an emotional breakthrough in the middle of the week. So I’m doing the work. Now I’ve just got to keep it up and wait for results.

This week’s goals:

1. Exercise 3x this week
Whether it’s taking the dog for a walk, doing yoga, or even just picking up my little 5lb dumbbells for a few reps.. I need to make more of an effort when it comes to fitness. I get overwhelmed easily, so I’m going to ease my way into it.

2. Leave the house every day
I’m starting to feel a little hermit-y. I know from past experience that if I let that go too long, it’ll turn into agoraphobia. So I’m doing some pre-emptive cognitive behavioral therapy and making myself leave the house for at least a little bit every day (I’ll give myself one rest day at home though because come on).

3. Rearrange bedroom
Our bedroom is functional but it feels kind of cramped. I’ve been thinking about rearranging for like a year, but I only recently brought it up to Josh. He was on board! Now we’ve just gotta scoot the furniture around until we find a new configuration that we like.

4. Reevaluate food plan
After years of guessing and suspecting that I’m intolerant of certain foods, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a food sensitivity test. I’m waiting for the results now. Once I have those in hand, I feel like I’ll be better equipped to navigate the confusing world that is trying to eat healthily as a person who doesn’t properly absorb the nutrients in her food. One day I should write a post about how frustrating this is..

Bonus: something creative
I haven’t done a creative project in ages. It would be nice to exercise those creative “muscles” again.

5 thoughts on “Preemptive Therapy

  1. I’m so glad your doctor’s appt went well. Through some hard situations the past year I’ve found that the anxiety about something bad or stressful happening is usually worse than when that thing actually happens. And often it isn’t even as bad as we think it will be.
    I’m amazed at how proud I am of someone I’ve never met for taking care of themselves 😉 Keep up the good work – you’re doing so well xx


  2. I get agoraphobia big time in NYC which is why I don’t go often. Every time other than once I got sick in the city. EVERY TIME. I think it is because the buildings are so huge and there are just way too many people around. I might be okay now. It has been ten years since I entered NYC. I just grew tired of getting sick each time I went (and being only 20 minutes from there. . .I got sick a lot and tried to not do so).

    Rearranging furniture is so much fun!!!!! Have fun! You can create! It will be great!!!! May your exercise and your food stuff go perfectly too.

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    • well it is saturday and i COMPLETELY forgot that we were going to rearrange the furniture… whoops! Tomorrow Josh is in our friends’ wedding so we’ll be busy all day… so i guess it’s not gonna happen then week. haha oh well.


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