Link Roundup: Changing the World, Introversion, Stress, Emojis, & Celebrities-As-Friends

Happy weekend, friends! Here are the best things I came across on the internet this week:

This app from Josh’s missionary buddy Gret is such a great idea.. and I believe him when he says it’s going to change the world. This video explains the app better than I could, but it’s basically a donating app that helps people give money to charities or missionaries, and it helps charities/missionaries keep their donors updated on how the money helped. Check it out!

This one hit my introverted soul a little close to home, and I’ve been thinking about social situations differently since I read it: Am I Introverted Or Just Rude?

Can’t say I’m surprised to read that stress can override the benefits of healthy eating. Just another reason to make rest & relaxation a priority.

I find it hard to believe that Tennessee uses the racing horse emoji more than any other state. What about KY? They’re known for their big horse race! Maybe it’s because of Tennessee walking horses? I don’t know. Regardless, this interactive map is really fun: The United States of Emoji

How Our Make-Believe Relationships with Celebrities Shape Our Social Lives. “There are striking resemblances between parasocial relationships and the real life relationships we have with our siblings, best friends, coworkers, and romantic partners. Even though a celebrity or television character may not reciprocate your feelings, you experience the same emotional and psychological ups and downs in a parasocial relationship as you do in real life social relationships..”

What’s the best/most interesting thing you came across online this week?

2 thoughts on “Link Roundup: Changing the World, Introversion, Stress, Emojis, & Celebrities-As-Friends

  1. uhhh. . .my state uses the soundwave emoji or the megaphone one. WHY??? haha

    I watched the video for DonorSee. That’s awesome. I do know a bunch of missionaries, but I don’t know what they’d think of this. I think though it depends on what the focus of the missionary group is though too. For instance one of my best friend’s brother and his family (wife and 4 kids) are in India. He reaches out to the highest caste group which are the hardest and highest percentage for never accepting Christ, rather than really meeting physical needs of people, so I think he would just need the app for funding for his family to live there in general with their basic needs and such. While I have a missionary friend and her husband and daughter who live in Mexico in a very poor community. They reach out and help them with more physical needs as well as spiritual needs with the church they run there, so this app would most likely be useful to them.

    That is wild about the imaginary type of relationships with celebrities. Wow. Now I feel sorry for people who deal with teeny bopping daughters…
    I’m trying to think of who I have done this with. They’d probably be girls I wished were my real friends as a kid. I used to have strange dreams where I was making out with Devon Sawa (a male actor who started as a child actor who is right around my age) back when I was like 11….oh my. I guess he was one then? I wasn’t really ever crazy though about stars and such though. I was obsessed with anime characters and yes, my tweets with Sailor Moon/Usagi is because my husband tells me I AM her, so I relate to her a lot, but is that possible to have a parasocial relationship with a drawing character? Who were yours??

    My husband sent me this.

    not sure if that shows up for you, so let me know. This one too.


    • I’m sure it is possible to have paradoxical relationships with animated/fictional characters because it is about how you relate to them, the whole thing is they don’t or can’t relate back to you. in the article it also talks about how real life relationships can have a parasocial quality to them because of social media… really interesting stuff. i don’t think they are inherently bad, but they can get out of control if it is obsessive or you lose sight of the reality. I think that my relationship to angela lansbury & her “murder she wrote” character would fall into the “therapy relationship” category since it kinda helps me deal with my mom’s illness. also i used to dream about hanging out with emma watson all the time haha.

      lol at those images… the bread of life one is funny but not applicable for me because bread makes me feel bad! but so does broccoli and kale so it’s not really bread’s fault. haha.


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