Studio Dog

Mia is getting better about being quiet while we film. The first few shoots with her were rough (or should I say…. ruff? I’M SORRY). She’d whine and bark and run onto the set.. it was frustrating. But today we shot a video and she was really good! I think it’s mostly because she had a really long playdate with the Taylors’ three dogs yesterday, so today she was tired and less needy than usual. But I think she is also learning what’s expected of her when we’re all down in the studio. At least I hope so, haha.

Today she made a friend out of this fly. She wasn’t trying to eat it or chase it – she just kept following it around with her nose and pawing at it gently. It was freaking adorable.


It’s kinda cool having a studio dog!

4 thoughts on “Studio Dog

  1. Aww that picture of Mia with all her attention on the fly is so cute! 🙂

    When we first adopted our dog Mika when she was a year old, she would LOSE HER MIND every time I accidentally left my bedroom door open when I left – she’d race in, sniff everything, knock stuff over, make a mess. I started leaving the door open while I’m hanging out in there so I could supervise her while she gets used to the “forbidden room,” and she’s gotten over the novelty of it now that I let her in more often… Maybe that’s what’s happening with Mia – the excitement over something out of her normal routine isn’t as novelty to her after a few times!

    Or maybe she’s just itching to be the star of the show. 😉


  2. Bark collar! It’s a special collar that sprays citronella at the dog’s nose when she barks. Over time, the dog just learns to be quiet when the collar is on. It’s great for teaching the dog places and times she needs to be quiet.


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