Mark and Katie got married today!!! The ceremony was like a fairy tale and I cried several times. The reception was a party! I’m so excited for Katie and Mark. They complement each other well and are a great example of true, supportive love. Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness together ❤


Some of y’all might remember Katie & Mark from when they got engaged in our movie room in March. Josh and I really cherish our friendships with this couple, so this wedding was especially sweet to be a part of .

These are the only two photos I took because I was having too good a time to worry about photos.. but I think Josh looks SO GOOD in his groomsman attire!



Cheers to Love.

One thought on “KATIE & MARK ARE MARRIED!

  1. These are really sweet pictures. I did see the engagement video which was hilarious. They seem like a sweet couple. I love how they are positioned with such love in that one picture you got of them! I pray they have a wonderful marriage!! The picture of the two of you is really really cute! aw!


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