Moving Forward

Last week’s goals:

1. Exercise 3x: D
I exercised once. Whoops.

2. Leave the house every day (with one rest day): A-
I stayed home two days, but one was because I hadn’t slept the night before. I don’t love leaving the house every day, but I do recognize that it’s healthy for me. So I’m going to keep this up.

3. Rearrange bedroom: F
I completely forgot about this until Saturday when friend-of-the-blog JusticePirate reminded me.. By then it was too late because we weren’t even home all day yesterday. TBH, the bedroom is so disorganized that rearranging is going to be a lot more involved than I initially thought.

4. Reevaluate food plan: A
I got the food sensitivity test results on Wednesday! They were really interesting.. I learned that I’m most sensitive to mozzarella cheese, black walnuts, and cashews (weirdly). It also showed 2nd-teir sensitivities, so it was pretty helpful making a food plan moving forward.

Bonus: Something creative: A
I worked on my penmanship one afternoon. Does that count? It felt nice, so I’m counting it.

This week’s goals:

1. Exercise 3x:
‘If at first you don’t succeed,’ and all that.

2. Leave the house every day
Same as before, trying to get to the point where leaving the house isn’t an anxiety trigger for me.

3. Declutter bedroom 
Like I mentioned a few paragraphs up, our bedroom is a disorganized mess; It’s annoying. Time to take care of the clutter!

4. Read a book

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

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  2. OH man. I wish I could help you declutter and organize your room haha. You can do it! It is fun! Listen to some music while doing it or a podcast to help you out with the work. Also, don’t do it all at once. Take small steps each day and schedule out what you want to tackle.

    I think working on your penmanship is a creative thing to do! Good work! Also you were out of the house so many times, which is amazing! Keep up the exercising too! Yey!


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