Angela Lansbury’s 91st Birthday

Today is Angela Lansbury’s 91st birthday! Mrs. Lansbury is an inspiration. Elegant, kind-hearted, talented, and classy. I love her. Of course, she sings the theme song of my favorite Disney princess movie as well as the delightfully motherly Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, but I adore her mostly because of her role in Murder, She Wrote.


I’ve only got one more episode of Murder, She Wrote left.

I don’t know how I’m going to feel without it, haha. It’s been a helpful coping tool for me in dealing with my mom’s young-onset dementia. I truly don’t understand why watching an active 60-something year old woman with a sharp wit and fine-tuned deduction skills is helpful.. I get upset sometimes when I encounter vibrant older women in real life (especially if they are rude – how come this woman is allowed to keep her mental faculties late into her life, when my sweet mom isn’t?). Of course, I know that’s ridiculous and unfair for me to think those thoughts. No one *deserves* dementia.. not to mention that my small interactions with these woman aren’t full representations of who they are as people!

With all that said, for some reason Jessica Fletcher and her unlikely adventures are comforting to me. I’m a little sad that I’m almost done with it. Mom has been struggling more lately and it’s heartbreaking. Honestly, I’m not handling it in the most healthy way. I swing between paralyzing sadness and self-numbing escapism. I’m no help to myself or my family when I’m like this. Seems like it’s time to seek counseling again.

Have you ever felt like a fictional character helped you work through anything tough in your life? I’ve gotta know if I’m nuts for this or if there are others who’ve experienced similar feelings.

See y’all tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Angela Lansbury’s 91st Birthday

  1. This is a beautiful post. Even though I have never experienced what you are going through with your mother, it absolutely makes sense.

    And yes, actually, an entire fictional cast helped me through a tough time in my life. Kinda funny, because it was the Criminal Minds cast! Such a dark show, but somehow it comforted me in 2011 when I started watching it. I had come out of an unhealthy relationship with a guy who didn’t really care about me, my dad’s construction business had gone under and we didn’t have an income for almost 3 months, my sister who was my best and kind of only friend started dating a guy so she didn’t have much time for me, my great grandparents died within a week of each other, and my grandma was in the hospital with a bad heart. All of that happening in one year on top of being an emotionally unstable 16 year old, I thought my world was crumbling!

    I stayed with my grandma for a while because I had no phone service at her house, so it helped me disconnect myself from the Internet, aka stop stalking my ex. lol. We watched Criminal Minds together for the first time and I was hooked. Something about the characters dealing with real life monsters while facing their inner demons was just what I needed at that time. And I still feel that connection with each character when I watch it now. They became my friends when I felt the most alone I’ve ever felt.

    It’s amazing how these make believe people can make us feel.


  2. It may be very silly, but I’m in the process of applying for college right now, and Sue Heck from “The Middle” is who I continue to think of during this stressful time. She had such a cheerful spirit about her, even when she was expecting the worst. Her outlook was positive for the future, and so, when I need college wisdom lately, I think of Sue.

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  3. The stories from downton abbey helped me overcome a painful breakup. I found it ironic, since the story lines revolve around love, marriage and family, elements which had so much to do with the future I was loosing at the time.


  4. Wait, which Disney movie does she sing the intro for? CInderella or something else?
    I think it makes sense how you would feel that way about seeing rude people in their sixties talk without any issues to their health while longing for your mom to have such find health. Just remember that those rude women are also hurting in some form in their own lives which is probably why they are so rude. I know you know that since you are empathetic to people in general though. It is sad though that they’d act in such a way!!

    If counseling can bring you comfort and clarity, go for it.

    You know how I tweet with Sailor Moon all the time? That helps me actually. The character actually watches all her friends die around her at one point in the story and she suffers greatly. At one point her husband (then boyfriend) is taken away from her with his memory wiped out and slowly regains himself but to see her suffer hurts. Her daughter at one point goes missing. . . .but through all the hardships she has a great head on her shoulders throughout all 200 episodes. She tries to help the people who have done such evil with kindness and love to try to help them…it is amazing. So yeah, I suffer sometimes from sadness as she does, but she overcomes it with love and seeks justice for those who are hurting all around her including the ones doing the hurting, and that is important to me too.

    How was the last episode? I hope you feel a peace about the ending!!!


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