My Favorite Tweets This Week


One thought on “My Favorite Tweets This Week

  1. I never thought that about the song Maggie May. I think I was always more mad that a grown woman was sleeping with a school boy than him waking her up to have something to say to her.

    That is so funny about the Ben Affleck thing. That or he’ll have his brother be the lead role. I actually like the movies me makes though rather than some of the ones he’s been in that he hasn’t made himself.

    I was thinking the same thing about the movie Crash over the past year.

    You and your Adventures in Odyssey. I got to tell you that I never chose to listen to those ever, but a homeschooling mom drove me out to a camp four hours away with a group of girls and she made us listen to them. I really couldn’t enjoy it but listened anyway. I think I was all, “I want to sing songs, not listen to people talk.” Now I listen to podcasts and audible books as I quilt and thank Adventures in Odyssey for the preparation.

    I chuckled at Josh’s tweet when he posted that one too. I’m still registered at my parents’ house and they know to just shred the sample ballot when it arrives, much to their sadness.


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