Currently (some negativity, some positivity)

Currently, I’m..

a war movie we went to see last night that was pretty graphic. I managed to avert my eyes during most of the battles, but one of the gory images I did see keeps popping back into my head :/

the debate that’s going on right now. I am so tired of these two people and all the fighting they’re stirred up. So my TV is off and I’m not checking social media until tomorrow. I’m hoping that by then most of the debate commentary will be out of my timelines.

that the last few weeks of this darned election cycle speed by and that everyone will chill out afterward! (I have my doubts, but I’m sure praying for it). I’m praying for loved ones who are going through difficult times. I’m praying that I won’t lose sight of hope as I feel the heaviness of events & attitudes prevalent in the world right now.

Since this has been a relatively negative edition of “Currently” so far, here are a couple of positives:

I’m praying for strength, wisdom, motivation, and a compassionate heart in myself. I’m praying for emotional and physical healing. I’m praying for strengthened relationships. I’m praying for hope!

about my 1secondeveryday video project! I started this project on November 1st of last year, so there are only a handful of days before the one-year mark! I’ve been holding off on watching until it’s completed – I haven’t watched all the clips together in months – so I’m really excited to see the finished product in less than two weeks. I’m planning to share the video here because I’m proud of it and I think (hope) it’ll be interesting to you guys, too.

Thankful for 
“life help” from Dads (both my own and surrogate), cell phones, heart-healing snuggles and ADORABLY serious fist bumps from toddlers, papayas, easy breakfasts, sweatpants, the leaves changing colors, how easy the 1secondeveryday app is to use, friends who encourage me to take care of myself and offer to help me when I’m overwhelmed, and my incredibly patient and loving husband who wants the best for me and is willing to push me toward that even when it’s not fun.

What are you currently regretting, ignoring, praying for, excited about and/or thankful for?

5 thoughts on “Currently (some negativity, some positivity)

  1. I’m praying for a lot of things, my parents faith and marriage, clarity, healing for my OCD that keeps causing me pain, and the well being of family members and friends/acquaintances. Sometimes there’s just so much going on it can be overwhelming, but I know God has a plan for everyone. I’m very thankful for that:)


  2. Can you pray for me. I am having a biopsy at 5 in the morning tomorrow. Thank you! I love reading your blog it lets me see that some one else have a ripe of vasculitis. thanks


  3. I have a hard time with graphic war movies too. The movie Glory that came out in 1989. . .I remember seeing one scene in particular that I have yet to recover from, and I was very young when I saw it which doesn’t help.

    Will your seconds video be posted on your blog when it is done?

    currently regretting: eating too many whoopie pies I made this week. I worked out longer than normal to make up for it.

    currently ignoring: politics as well. I was too busy listening to the pretty sounds of the crickets last night which was much nicer than a debate. 🙂

    currently praying for: the refugees around the world.

    currently excited about and/or thankful for: the fair trade & ethical products event my organization is having tomorrow night!


  4. Ugh, graphic movies… my favorite war movie is War Horse; It’s not graphic, and it’s about a horse, and really, it’s a great movie. And no, the horse does NOT die in the end, because what is the POINT of watching a horse/dog movie where the horse/dog DIES at the end, I mean, I just hate that. But I digress. 🙂


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