3 Fall TV Shows I’m Enjoying

Speechless (NBC)


I was interested in Speechless because the promos looked pretty funny and I really like Minnie Driver, but I wasn’t expecting it to be my favorite new show this fall! Guys, this show is hilarious. The writing is great, but it’s really the characters that make it so funny. Josh and I enjoy it more every week.

This is Us (NBC)


This Is Us has one of the best pilot episodes I have ever seen! Seriously, I don’t want to give anything away, but the character relationships and the story so far are just… really good. NBC marketed the show as sort of a replacement to Parenthood (which was one of Josh’s & my favorites) and we were not disappointed by This is Us! It definitely has a Parenthood vibe in that it takes its time letting you get to know the characters. This show gets more intriguing each week.

Survivor: Millenials vs Gen X (CBS)


Survivor is like Old Faithful around here. We love it. It’s been on TV for so long now that most of the contestants are kids who grew up watching the show, which is fun.. it makes the strategy more interesting because everyone comes to play the game for real, rather than just to “be on TV.” The past few seasons have been really good, and this current season continues the streak – it’s great so far. I was skeptical when they first announced the Millenials vs Gen X theme, but I gotta admit, I was wrong. Lots of compelling characters and big moments so far. I’m rooting for Michaela!

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