B Student

Last week’s goals:

1. Take care of myself: B
Sometimes I don’t have the energy to do the things that would help me have more energy. That’s frustrating, as I’m sure you can imagine.

2. Limit time on the internet: B
I did pretty great with this the first half of the week, but over the weekend I went back to my old habits.

3. Be more social: B
I went to two social things this week, which is more than usual but less than I’d had in mind when I wrote this goal. I didn’t actively plan any socializing, either – just accepted invitations.

4. Create a morning routine: B
Wake up, turn on salt lamp, make bed, open blinds, take supplements, eat breakfast while listening to podcasts. I haven’t really been consistent but this is the general routine.

This week’s goals:

1. Meal planning / food diary
I’d like to get into the habit of meal planning and meal prep again. In addition, I want to keep a food diary so I can compare what I thought I’d eat for each meal to what I actually ate each meal. This will give me a better idea of which plans work and which don’t.

2. Daily exercise
Just a little every day. I know from experience that I feel happier and have more energy (usually) when I move my body.

3. Phone calls I’ve been putting off
I’ve got a list of phone calls that I need to make.

5 thoughts on “B Student

  1. I feel you on the energy thing, I’ve been struggling with depression and find it hard to get in motion so I can stay in motion, in the words of Newton 😉 Do you know what exercise you’ll be doing?


    • Haha, that Newton bit is so true. And yeah, I feel you it’s hard. I’ve been doing arm exercises.. like teeny weight-lifting stuff with 5 lb dumbbells. I’d also like to get back into yoga, and I’m starting an online “boot camp” with my friend next week so I’ll be trying some new things.. but mostly I’m sticking with my arms and gentle stretching.


    • I hate making them but with my upcoming doctor’s appointments I’ve been having to make more than I’d prefer. Also, my parents are on tour so the only way to keep in touch is by telephone.. otherwise I’d never use it except to talk to Josh when he or I are driving and can’t text.


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