*Planning* to Plan

Currently, I’m..

..a new supplement shake that a friend recommended in the hopes that it’ll help with my malabsorption and energy issues. It kinda messed with my tummy today, but I’m hoping that’s just my body getting used to receiving more nutrients than it’s currently getting. I’m really crossing my fingers on this one because it tastes great and it has basically every supplement in it that I’ve found to be helpful for me (and more).. if I could just drink a yummy shake every morning instead of taking a dozen pills, that would be awesome!

..everything I eat this week so that I’ll have a better idea of where my diet is lacking. It should also help me identify any symptom-triggers that I haven’t realized were triggers since I haven’t been paying attention. I also just want to be more mindful when I make and eat my food. I think that it’s easier to be healthy when I’m paying extra close attention to the things I’m putting in my body. (I mean, duh).

..meals! Er, I’m in the planning stages for meal planning. I’m gonna jump in officially next week after I get a more robust look at what my normal, unplanned week of eating looks like. In the meantime, I’m collecting recipe and snack ideas that look yummy and EASY because that’s the only way I’ll stick with meal planning, haha. It’s supposed to make my life easier, not more complicated!

..boots and sweaters, YAY! It’s still not really chilly in Nashville, but it’s definitely getting cooler so I’m taking advantage of my tendency to be cold all the time and fully embracing the layers!

Thankful for
..my counselor who helps me find perspective and encourages me to be the best I can • getting to catch up and really connect with one of my oldest friends •  making new internet friends and building trust within a new community • color-coded planning systems • TV nights with Josh • comfy socks • heating pads • Pinterest • tasty supplemental nutrition shakes • gentle encouragement and affirmation that I’m on the right path

What are you trying, tracking, planning, wearing, and/or thankful for this week?

5 thoughts on “*Planning* to Plan

  1. I am planning my trip to DC this weekend to my sister, I am thankful for blankets, good friends and cute dresses, and Mass (can’t forget Jesus). I am wearing my music note dress, which makes me feel confident. I am tracking my time this week, by the hour which is a hassle but I have really struggling with punctuality and time management so I’m hoping this tedious tracking will pay off. I am trying to edit a new vlog that was supposed to only be 5-10 min and i have 40 minutes of footage and am stuck! Prayers are appreciated! I also have 2 tests and 2 gigs tomorrow so i should probably go to bed soon and or study but I really enjoyed and related to your blog tonight. Keep writing! Maybe one day I will start my own blog… one day


  2. I’m currently trying to get my joy from the Lord. By His grace I’ve been slowly but surely noticing that I’ve been trying to get my joy from all kind of things, the biggest being entertainment, and the truth is I can get real, authentic, long-lasting joy from a relationship with Jesus. He’s our joy. The road ahead of me might be rough, but I’m thankful I don’t have to walk alone or worry about coming out victorious. With Christ we wear the victor’s crown, right? Much love Kelli:) I hope the shakes work.


  3. Look at you tackling a bunch of awesome things!! Meal planning can be difficult at first but sometimes they can be repeated too just on different days each week to make it easier as you go. I tend to meal plan but then ask my husband what he would want most on a certain night. He knows that those other choices will come later on no matter what though haha. He’s easy to please though since he’s a hobbit.

    You have a great list of thankful things! Love it! All of it!

    What are you trying: the facebook marketplace and hating it. We did sell one of my husband’s guitars, but now I have a corner with instruments and I don’t like it there. I want the corner cleared fast haha. I also had some people offering to buy our sons’ used dresser and am now on the third person in line for it because the first person never came for it two times they were planned to get it and the second person never responded. . .hoping the third person comes through or I’m just putting it on the curb (it will be picked up within the hour. . we live on a busy street and that happens a lot).

    tracking: My husband’s school loan’s payments dwindling down faster and faster with the things we are selling. . .but wishing my quilts sold because it would be done!

    planning: my next quilt

    wearing: I don’t really wear variety. one pair of jeans does that to you. I am in a black long sleeved Fair Trade shirt I wear a lot.

    Thankful for: my birthday is this week on Thursday. My husband took the day off of work (paid day) and we are going to have a blast, I am sure! Doing a field trip with the boys!


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