Another Ramble

Today I went to a 5-year-old’s birthday party and it wore me out! I didn’t even do much running around with the kids.. just standing talking to the adults for a couple of hours did it for me. My super-low energy levels are bumming me out.

I also went grocery shopping, but it was only about a half hour and it was after I’d had a nap.. so it wasn’t quite as exhausting. I also think that since I’m constantly moving and focusing on my grocery list, my mind doesn’t have as much time to think about how tired I am.

I’d hoped to get some meal prep for the week done today, but my accidental nap took away the time I’d planned to do it. Tomorrow’s kind of a busy day but I’m gonna do my darndest to get most of it done!

Daily exercise was one of my goals this week, but I haven’t stuck with it. I half-heartedly lifted weights on a couple of days, but it was nothing serious. Tomorrow it starts for real!

Ok, the nap helped but it didn’t help that much. I’m exhausted.. goodnight, friends. See y’all tomorrow.

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