Stick to the Plan

Last week’s goals:

1. Meal planning / food diary: A
I’m proud of myself for this one! I haven’t meal planned in years, and jumping back in was really overwhelming. But I’ve got it done, I’ve got the food in my house, and I’m gonna do my best to stick to the plan this week.

2. Daily Exercise: D
Like I said yesterday, I only half-heartedly lifted my little weights twice this week.

3. Phone calls I’ve been putting off: B
I made most of the phone calls, but I procrastinated and I skipped the ones that I could get away with skipping.. haha.

This week’s goals:

1. Stick to food plan
The meal plan I’m so proud of making last week isn’t going to be of any value if I don’t stick to it this week!

2. Daily exercise
I’ve joined a daily accountability group on facebook with some new friends.. they’re gonna hold me to this one. Gotta admit, I did my workout today and hated every minute of it. Haha. BUT I WILL PRESS ON.

3. Read 1 (non-fiction) book
I picked up a few books at the library the other day, and 3/4 of them are nonfiction. Guess which one I’ve finished? Ha. Fiction has always been easier for me to read than NF because I get caught up in the story and can’t put it down. With self-help and even biographies, I get bored easier. BUT the three books I have all seem really helpful so I’d truly like to finish each of them before I have to return them in three weeks.

4. Reorganize Josh’s office / the podcasting room
Josh has already started this project, and he’s planning to finish it up this week. I know that in the process that other parts of the house will likely become cluttered as items lose their homes and don’t find new ones right away… so in addition to helping him get the 2 rooms like he wants them, I’m putting myself on anti-clutter duty for the rest of the house. The goal here is for everything to have a designated place.. and if it doesn’t, it’s probably time to get rid of it anyway.

5 thoughts on “Stick to the Plan

  1. Have you read any good books recently? Maybe a future post idea? 😉 I’m always interested in book recommendations. I’m really picky about fiction, so I’m a little partial to nf, but I’m curious what you’ve been reading


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