Comparing My Beginning to Their Progress

Currently, I’m..

..out every day along with the other ladies in my online accountability group. The videos we are doing together are really tough! Even with all the modifiers I can’t keep up and I feel like I’m going to die during the helf-hour. But I’m really proud of myself for doing it anyway.

…SO sore and stiff and exhausted from working out. My body’s not used to being pushed (like, ever). Today was “leg day” so I spent all day hobbling around and trying to contain my involuntary whimpering. In high school I was on a serious swim team and I was in amazing shape… 15 year old me would be so diappointed in 27 year old me.

…myself not to compare my beginning efforts to others’ progress. (Or to 15 year old me!) The important thing here is that I’m truly pushing myself.. I remind myself that they had to start from scratch once too and it was probably just as tough for them.

…for the house to be back under control. It’s an absolute wreck as Josh completely reorganizes and rearranges his office. I’ve been too worn out and sore to really help much yet but I’m hoping that I’ll get some awesome sleep tonight and be able to contribute tomorrow.

Thankful for… 
encouraging friends • back massages • sweet potatoes • dog trainers • new shelves on the wall • my DIY hustler of a husband • that i got to meet an old friend’s new baby tonight • my comfy bed • the fact that even though I’m exhausted from working out, I can tell that my energy is already starting to improve • sweatpants

What are you currently working, feeling, reminding, ready, and/or thankful for?

3 thoughts on “Comparing My Beginning to Their Progress

  1. I’ve been feeling that way with modifiers too and I’ve been working out for over three months now….I am just not into those types of workouts, I’m afraid. IF it isn’t DDR or regular dancing around to music, it just isn’t really for me…struggling with it this week a lot.

    I am sure you will improve even if you are not in the same boat as those who are in your program. Just compare yourself to your own progress and how you are doing in that way!

    I saw the shelves Josh made. Really neat! I want to have a shelf for my sons in their room and was thinking of looking around. Maybe I should get a piece of wood and paint it and use that? Not sure still.

    THat is nice about your friend’s new baby. I hope you guys reconnected really well too.

    currently working: on nothing and it makes me feel lazy. I want to work on a quilt but I haven’t the money this week to get the materials. Hopefully next week.

    feeling: Really good today. I plan on taking the boys for a walk on my road because it is blocked off from everyone else and is so quiet (they are removing and putting in new pipes all down my road this week). I hate this busy road and we never get to walk on it!

    reminding: to eat my left overs from my dinner last night in a little bit!

    ready: to seize the day

    thankful for: YOU!!!!!!!!!! So very thankful. Used the soap you got me just a tiny bit ago. 🙂


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