Trying to Trust

Last week’s goals:

1. Stick to food plan: A
I did a little bit of adjusting on the fly as things came up during the week, but honestly I thought it went really well!

2. Daily exercise: A
I did a workout video every day, as part of an accountability group of ladies on facebook. I was SO SORE the first three days, but the second half of the week I felt strong and empowered! Yesterday I started feeling really crappy so I barely got through the workout.. and then today I didn’t do it due to pain, but I’m hoping to feel better soon and be able to jump back in in some capacity soon. We’ll see.

3. Read 1 non-fiction book: B-
I’m only five chapters into the book I started yesterday. But I’m planning to finish it this week.

4. Reorganize Josh’s office / the podcasting room: F
I’m giving myself an F because I wasn’t any help at all.. but truthfully, Josh did an amazing job reorganizing his office!! It looks amazing in there! We didn’t get to the podcast room, but Josh did work on a closet and the dining room and he got rid of a bunch of stuff we didn’t need anymore.

This week’s goals:

1. Pursue treatment fully 
I’m meeting a new gastroenterologist tomorrow morning after 7+ years without working with one. I’ve been pretty lucky as a Crohn’s patient that for a long time I could manage it myself.  Unfortunately, it seems like that streak of luck is up because it’s been pretty bad for a couple years now. I wish I hadn’t been in denial for so long, but here we are and all I can do is seek treatment, be honest with / trust my doctor, and give it my best shot.

2. Trust God
I’ve been a ball of anxiety lately. Not just about my health, but also this election. It’s really the commentary and the meanness among friends & loved ones that has been tough on me. I’m so ready for it all to be over. I know it won’t end after tomorrow.. whichever side loses is still going to be upset for a while. But at least things will (hopefully) start to get back to normal pretty soon.

3. Work with Mia 
Mia spent some time with the trainer last week and learned a lot of new stuff! Now we’ve just got to reaffirm those teachings and learn to be consistent with her. It’s going to be a lot of work but it’ll be worth it if we stick with it.

4. Finish reading Coping with Crohn’s Disease

3 thoughts on “Trying to Trust

  1. I am glad you are able to get treatment and I hope that all is going well at the hospital today! I hope that you have much peace about your disease and some great answers. I also hope that there will be a great peace in your life with those you know in regards to the election. I wish everyone could get along despite their differences! It hurts to see people I went to high school with say, “I deleted 3 of my college sorority sisters because they just told me off for wanting to vote for ____” and more. . . ugh. People who got along for a long time now are enemies. It’s really really depressing!!!!

    May all that goes on in your life this week be beneficial and good. You go girl.


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