3 Small Moments That Made Me Smile Today

My heart is still dealing with all the craziness of this week, but staying offline and being intentionally still has helped me feel more peaceful today. Throughout the day I tried to be more aware of “the little things” that can bring moments of happiness.

Here are 3 of those moments from today:

1. Our dog Mia was SO needy today. It was like she couldn’t get physically close enough to either of us today. Honestly, it can get kinda of annoying. But even when I’m irritated, there’s something about a dog jumping up into your lap and pressing into you with all her might that just makes you feel special.

2. I got to meet our old friends’ new baby this evening! She smiled the happiest little smile at me while I was holding her, and I immediately felt every corner of my heart smile back at her. Babies are awesome.

3. On our way home tonight, as we were stopped at a red light, Josh leaned over unexpectedly and planted a big, sweet kiss on me. It was very romantic. I love that guy!

What are three moments that made YOU smile today?

4 thoughts on “3 Small Moments That Made Me Smile Today

  1. These are so sweet Kelli^_^ Especially the first… we just got two puppies a few weeks ago, so I know the feeling when your doggy wants to cuddle!

    Three things that made me smile today:
    1. Talking to an old friend
    2. Laughing at stupid stuff with new friends
    3. Switching my major to something I think I’ll really enjoy, even though it means more work and expenses.


  2. So sweet. 🙂 Joe made me smile yesterday when he took our memorial book of Emmy to work with him. A coworker just lost their dog, and he wanted to share the book we made because it helped him find comfort while he was grieving. I love his heart. ❤


  3. Aw I love these!
    1) My little brother making a corny joke that was funnier than it should’ve been
    2) JJ Heller’s new Christmas album coming out!
    3) Finding out I only have to work 3 days next week instead of my usual 5


  4. LOVEEEE the red light kiss! Those are great!!! It made a big impact on you when you needed it most too!

    1. Being sick all day, it was nice when my sons would see how I was doing and asked if I needed anything and were quiet while I took small naps. I am glad I didn’t have to hear yelling or arguing from them which was a big help!
    2. My dad actually came in for me today. He brought me a box of tissues and some veggie soup when I called him knowing they have bulk supplies of tissues when I had run out from blowing my nose all day long (and now that box is more than halfway empty which scares me).
    3. Finally watching some Korean Drama after not doing so for a week and the show was cute and made me smile from what I have seen of it so far.


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