Mia’s Skills 

Mia learned several new skills with her trainer last week, and this week we’ve been reinforcing those skills in our home. The hardest part is being consistent and not letting her get away with anything (because she loves to push the boundaries). But I think she’s doing well! Here she is sitting in her “place” like a champ (a “place” command means she should sit or lay where we’ve told her until we free her). 

Dog training isn’t easy but I’m holding onto hope that it’ll make life easier once we all get used to it and she’s matured into a more mellow personality. 

2 thoughts on “Mia’s Skills 

  1. Awe, good job Mia! If you are ever looking for literature on the subject of dog training/behavior, I would recommend The Other End of the Leash. One of my favorites.


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