One Woman’s Boredom is Another Woman’s Luxury

I had enough energy today to get lunch with my family and then watch the football game with Josh’s family! It was a really nice – it’s not often that I get to see every member of my families in one day anymore! But man, it wore me out. I’m staying up to take a pill at a particular time (I’ve got two new 3x/day prescriptions that have to be taken at least two hours apart from each other, so I have to be pretty precise about times), but after that I’m planning to zonk out pretty quick.

From my cursory glances back at facebook and twitter, it SEEMS like a lot of the nastiness has died down. I’m seeing it linger in some places, but it’d probably be safe to come back if I wanted to. However, the withdrawal phase of my social media addiction is just starting to get easier for me.. I kinda feel like I should hold out a little longer til I don’t have that urge to check the apps every time I get marginally bored. I don’t know, we’ll see how long this lasts, but I’m kind of enjoying the last few days’ routine of only checking in the evening when I share my daily blog posts. I do miss my online friends, though. So that’s the biggest downside.

I wish I could say I was spending my time offline in a more adventurous way, but I’ve been feeling so poorly that I just read books in bed most of the day. I’m trying to be grateful and keep in mind that this is a luxurious activity for most people, but like anything it gets boring when you don’t have much of a choice.

I hope you all are doing well. Here’s to a better week than last week!

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