Backwards (Nostalgia) & Forwards (Planning)

Currently, I’m..

For some reason I’ve got early 2000’s CCM stuck in my head today? I caught myself singing Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Speechless” earlier and it inspired me to turn on the album, which is still pretty great all these years later (but that might just be nostalgia talking).

I spent today planning for both post-surgery and Christmas, since I’m not sure yet when my surgery will be. If it’s during December I won’t have any time to get ready for Christmas, so I’d like to have all my gifts and plans firmly in place before November ends. As for post-surgery prep, I’ve got a to-do list based on all the things that tripped us up last time I had surgery, and we’ve already started crossing things off that list. I think this time around it’s going to be a lot smoother!

Overall, a lot better than I have been. I’m starting to feel the intended effects of both the iron and the antibiotic I’m on (instead of just the unpleasant side effects). My appetite today was great, and while I’m still feeling pretty tired, it’s not that miserable achey kind of exhausted that I’ve been feeling since last last weekend.

I found this recipe on pinterest for baked oatmeal cups and made a batch yesterday to help me get in more carbs and fruit each day. I used apples and blueberries and let me tell you! They’re yummy. The consistency isn’t what I expected, though.. They’re kinda mushy like thick oatmeal in the middle, but I like it!

this new blog theme that I accidentally installed yesterday when I was trying to just demo it. Whoops! Luckily, I actually like the new layout a lot. I’m still tweaking a few small details, but overall I think it works pretty well for this daily project. I also finally rewrote my About Me and About the Blog pages! Let me know what y’all think about the new layout and About pages, especially if you find anything confusing or weird.. I don’t want that to be the experience people have on this blog.

Thankful for
• my new doctor and her wonderful staff • dog parks • healthy food • meal prep • the Blimey Cow Creative Team’s help • books • blackout curtains • iPhone alarms • that my energy is slowly returning • that my appetite is quickly returning • that my parents are forever done with tour(!) • Josh’s willingness to help me any way he can even when it’s complicated •

What are you currently singing, planning, feeling, eating, tweaking, and/or thankful for this week?

5 thoughts on “Backwards (Nostalgia) & Forwards (Planning)

  1. I like the new blog design! Glad you’re feeling a little better. I’m singing Hamilton, planning a homework schedule, feeling grateful, eating quiche, tweaking a story I’m writing, and thankful that I get to see family next week!


  2. I can’t help admiring that pen. 😉 I have a thing about pens. I learned how to make quill pens recently, because, ya know, I figured if our turkeys were going to leave feathers around the yard, I might as well do something with them.


  3. Oh Kelli, you have a good thankful list! That is really wonderful despite how you are feeling. I am glad. Accident or not, the layout looks great. 🙂

    singing: I actually don’t know what I’ll be singing today. I sang Hamilton’s “Guns & Ships” with one of my best friends the other day after listening to it like twice. I got the rapping part for it not too badly. . .though it needs improvement.

    planning: on finishing the quilt I started. It should be done this weekend
    feeling: constipated. Not fun for me at all because it means too much pain later.
    eating: I had some popcorn with white chocolate and peanut butter drizzled on it. bad me.

    tweaking: nothing really
    thankful: That I get to somewhat relax tomorrow since we are just having Thanksgiving at home (and second Thanksgiving with my parents and one of my brothers and his wife on Saturday). I am just glad that my husband has off from work!

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