3 Evening Things

Today has been long and tiring and I’m ready for it be tomorrow already. I don’t have the energy to make any compelling content for y’all tonight but here are three things I’m going to do before this evening before going to bed early:

1. Make myself a cup of herbal tea. I don’t know which kind yet but I’m craving the relaxing warmth of a cuppa.

2. Watch last night’s Survivor with Josh.

3. Read at least a chapter in my book.


One thought on “3 Evening Things

  1. Kelli, do you know abt this app: Sit or Squat, by Charmin? I came across it tonight while reading an article on Colitis. I put in my zip code and it works! Doesn’t name every bathroom but hey it sure helps with traveling. This could be a life changer.


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