Surviving (weekly goals)

Last week’s goals:

1. Early to bed: B
I had couple late nights this week, but the majority of the time I was ready for sleep nice and early.

2. Start getting ready for recovery: A
The list is made, and we’ve started checking items off.

3. Make a plan for Christmas: A
I’m about 3/4 finished with my Christmas gifts list.

4. Take all necessary pills: A
Thank God for iPhone alarms. They’ve made keeping track of when to take which pill MUCH simpler.

This week’s goals:

1. Survive 
I’m feeling a little bit worse each day, but I’ve got a consultation with the surgeon this week so I’m hoping that will get the ball really rolling.

2. Finish Christmas shopping 
I dont know when my surgery will end up being, so I want to have all gifts ordered before the week is through if possible.

3. Keep getting ready for recovery
We’ve gotta check off a few more items from the list before I’m comfortable saying we’re ready for my post-op recovery time.

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