Friday Favs: Sweet/Creative/Thankful/Loving

I didn’t do any shopping today but in a way I did have a black Friday.. I developed a killer migraine after lunch so I spent the rest of the day in a completely dark room. Our new blackout curtains have already proven so useful in the couple weeks we’ve had them, but today especially I was grateful that I could blackout the room and sleep away most of the pain. The pain is still lingering, but it’s not as bad as it was earlier. Thankfully, I already had most of this post drafted so I’ve just got to polish it up and then I can head back to bed.

Here’s what I’m digging this week:

1. Sweet potato casserole! My mom-in-law’s Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole is to die for – I look forward to it all year long, and I was not disappointed yesterday. I’m looking forward to snacking on the leftovers over the weekend!

2. You have probably already seen OK Go’s new music video, but if not – prepare to have your mind blown. These guys are unbelievably creative!

The background notes and behind the scenes video for the video are fascinating, too!


3. If you’re looking for a way to make the Thanksgiving spirit last throughout the weekend instead of immediately switching gears because of Black Friday, here are 10 Steps for Living in a State of Thankfulness. (You might recognize Victoria/Justice Pirate from her frequent commenting on this blog – she is one of the people I’ve gotten to know a little through this blog and online community that I was talking about in item 1 of yesterday’s post.. I so admire her straightforwardness, vulnerability, and idealism!).

4. This Dementia love story from Humans of New York both broke my heart and mended something small in my heart, too. What a beautiful example of true love. I cry every time I read it. (click here if the photos aren’t showing up for you below)

[edit: added 15 minutes after publishing5. GILMORE GIRLS ON NETFLIX! Oh my goodness, how did I forget to add A Year in the Life to this list? I was able to watch the first two episodes this morning before my migraine hit me, and I’m really excited to finish out the series (probably tomorrow haha). I haven’t actually seen all the episodes of the TV show, but I’ve seen enough to get a lot of the callbacks, and I enjoy the characters so it’s been fun 🙂

What are your favorite things this week?

3 thoughts on “Friday Favs: Sweet/Creative/Thankful/Loving

  1. My favorite thing so far this week: that the adorable fluffy Border Collie won the herding group in the dog show on Thursday, and the lovely Greyhound won best in show. Gotta love all the adorable dogs.


  2. Remember the first OK Go music video and how huge it was? Oh man. They always come up with the craziest and coolest and funniest vids! This one looked so dangerous! It reminds me of the SloMo Guys videos that my husband watches with our sons regularly on Youtube.

    I just finished seeing Gilmore Girls. I never really got crazy into the show and have a lot of issues with it in general, but I really loved these 4 season episodes that came out! I thought it was great.

    Thanks again for linking my blog post (by the way, you wrote “10 Steps…” when it is “5” in case you want to fix that).


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