Shout Out To Josh


It’s been kind of a crazy week for us and I want to take a minute to brag on Josh publicly. I don’t know how he juggles it all! I’m not much help around the house lately because I get worn out so easily. This means that Josh has to pick up a lot of the slack, on top of all his normal responsibilities and routines.

Let me tell you about this week as an example of the way he takes such good care of me and our life together. Here’s a list of all the things he did this week (in no order):

  • post-production on TWO videos
  • writing & shooting next week’s video
  • running errands
  • keeping up with daily chores like dishes and laundry
  • reorganizing our podcast studio
  • checking on his ill wife throughout the day / preparing meals when asked
  • cleaning up dog vomit every hour or so (for two days) & taking Mia to the vet early one morning (on Mia’s worst day he had SEVENTEEN items on his to-do list but he got ALL of them finished)
  • dealing with car trouble (this man WALKED to the shop so I didn’t have to get out of bed to drive him)
  • selling unneeded equipment to beef up our bank account before my surgery + the Holidays
  • comforting my anxious self before and during my doctors appointment, asking questions, giving me a pep talk on the drive home that was so sweet it made me cry
  • cleaning and decorating the house for Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • his dad’s birthday
  • still managed to spend time with some friends and make sure he and I had time to just hang out every day

All this and he’s still managed to have a good attitude – he’s loving, good-natured, and patient with me even though I’m not helping him out very much. I could go on and on! What a guy.

Weeks like this are a good reminder for me to not take for granted just how hard he works all the time. I just love and appreciate this man so much. ❤


10 thoughts on “Shout Out To Josh

  1. So sweet to read about everything Josh is doing for you 🙂 He’s worth keeping around! All the best for this week, Kelli. Hope it’s a little less tumultuous than the last couple of weeks have been xx


  2. I’m so happy for you Kelli! And so thankful for you Josh and how well you love my cousin! Wish we lived closer but a shoutout from Texas ito lol just gave to do 🤗


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