Where Are You, Christmas?

Last week’s goals:

1. Survive: A
Well, I am alive! I made it through my doctor’s appointment and Thanksgiving without getting sick (aside from a migraine, I guess). Honestly, this week ended up being even crazier than I expected, and if it weren’t for Josh’s hard work and good attitude, I’m not sure I would’ve survived. At least, not with my mental health intact.

2. Finish Christmas Shopping: B
I’ve got almost everyone on my list crossed off. There are just a few people for whom I always struggle to come up with gift ideas. *coughDADScough*

3. Keep getting ready for recovery: B
Slowly, but surely.. I feel like once we have a date for surgery I’ll really kick it into gear. I’ve always done better completing my assignments with a fast-approaching due date, ha!

This week’s goals:

1. REALLY finish Christmas shopping 
By the time I write next Monday’s post, I should have all gifts purchased (and I’d also like to be done with the gift wrapping by this time next week if possible).

2. Complete my post surgery to-do list
I’ll find out my surgery date this week but in the meantime I might as well be as prepared as I can.

3. Soak up some Christmas
Since there’s a good chance my surgery and recovery will keep me from getting to participate in a lot of Christmas traditions this year, I want to start soaking it all up now: watch Christmas movies, drink some hot apple cider, read Christ’s birth story, wrap some presents, listen to Christmas music, light up some pine tree and cinnamon candles.. the whole nine yards. I know a lot of people have already started getting into the Christmas spirit, but I haven’t been feeling it yet (maybe because this year’s been so crappy.. or maybe because I’m dealing with so much uncertainty about the next several months). This week I want to soak up as much Christmas cheer as I can. I feel like I need it.

4 thoughts on “Where Are You, Christmas?

  1. I was hard to buy for even before I became a Dad. I now say that buying gifts for me is more like “Mission Impossible” and it’s easier to just not get me anything 🙂 It hasn’t worked yet.


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