Friday Favs: Christmas Things / Cold Weather / Thoughts on Chronic Pain

My favorite things this week:

Hot tea! Actually, hot apple cider with a bag of chamomile (so it’s technically still tea..), a stick of cinnamon, and cardamom. It’s my go-to remedy cuppa when I can’t seem to get warm.

• It’s that time of year! Time to mute your inner film critic and embrace all the holiday cheese for the Hallmark Christmas movies. In Defense of Cheesy Holiday Movies (There’s also a quiz – I couldn’t pick out the fakes, can you?)

• Simply Christmas from Leslie Odom Jr. is getting me in the Christmas spirit. I love his voice!

This piece from The Onion is totally me: Girlfriend To Stay Underneath Blanket For Next 5 Months

• I really identified with this piece from So Worth LovingA Chronic Pain Story. “I hear a lot of people talk about pain when they’re removed from it. People don’t talk about the hard stuff until they’re through it, or until there’s miles of distance between them and their pain. / I don’t get the luxury of not thinking about pain…”

What are your favorite things this week?

4 thoughts on “Friday Favs: Christmas Things / Cold Weather / Thoughts on Chronic Pain

  1. My mom’s pumpkin pie spice coffee. Outside of Starbucks her pumpkin spice coffee is the best. Infinity scarves and hoodies. Wearing black Vans with skinny jeans. And “Today is Beautiful” by David Dunn. The Lord used that song to speak to me last night after a long day of mental and emotional struggle. He’s so good:)

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