I Cooked Dinner Today

Good news: I had more energy today than I have in a long time! I took advantage of it by cleaning the bathroom, tidying the living area, making dinner for the crew, and helping with the Messy Mondays video a little bit. I realize that’s not a whole lot for one day, but for me it was a remarkably productive day. I’m tired.

I meant to take a photo of dinner to show off my “Saturday Skill” but I forgot. It was a pretty simple meal, anyway: baked salmon (olive oil, salt + pepper), roasted sweet potato cubes (olive oil, s+p, garlic powder, paprika), and a spinach salad (with green apple, pecans, goat cheese, and maple-cider vinaigrette).  It’s been a while since I’ve had the energy to make dinner for the Messy Mondays crew so I was pretty pleased that I could do it today (and the guys all went back for seconds! A great compliment).

I’m pretty worn out, so I think I’m going to curl up in bed with a mug of hot cider, my heating pad, and some Netflix. G’night.

5 thoughts on “I Cooked Dinner Today

  1. Great job!! You really did a lot! Been loving the Messy Monday vids over the past year especially. They make me chuckle. I have been watching for maybe . . .since the first homeschooling vid went viral (feels like ages ago because I don’t think I was even homeschooling my sons yet nor ever wanted to think about it. . but when I was a youth group leader of homeschooling students who posted it on their facebook pages, I loved it), but really this year has stood out the most.
    Your meal sounds SOOOOO GOOD. Almost makes me wish I were cooking tonight (pizza night).


    • That’s awesome that you saw the homeschooling video so long ago! Haha. Thanks so much, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this year’s videos. We’ve enjoyed making the videos this year too. When/What made you decide to homeschool your boys?


      • This is going to be long now that you asked haha.

        Many factors are involved in the decision. I went to a private school the first many years of my life and was thinking of sending my firstborn to the original one I attended, but it closed down the year I was planning on doing so (which is funny because I entered nursery the year they opened and remember it well)! I didn’t want to send him to the other one I attended afterwards because it cost far too much money that we didn’t/don’t have. My husband retained pretty much nothing from his early public school days. NJ public schools aren’t too good, though we do live in a more wealthy huge town (we’re on the poorer side of it – in one of only 6 two-family houses in the town that is a 20 minute radius). Now I think they might have been okay since we put so much time into our children anyway, but I really didn’t like the idea of strangers molding the minds of my children for me. I was home anyway because I had my younger son to care for, so we thought, “Sure, let’s try it.”

        I think our school system is a little outdated now considering how much we can learn from the internet and courses available anyway.

        I will say that a big part of it is that I wanted to test it out at first and felt I could teach my sons how to read and write better than the school systems. I remember switching to both the second Christian school I attended and the public school in high school I went to and the kids not knowing how to read or write hardly at all! It was really surprising to hear their struggle when told to read things out loud.

        I think knowing all the homeschooling kids and moms (and those who graduated from being homeschooled. . .three of my close friends for instance) also helped. in the decision.

        Other than that, being an Anabaptist . . . .well. . .let’s just say we are known for being rebellious against more of a state sanctioned situation and I didn’t really want my kids to be built into overly patriotic nationalists as I was. . . so my kids don’t know the pledge of allegiance or the National Anthem but I teach them the history of various cultures and our wars from various perspectives as well as taking them to readings of the Declaration of Independence that one of my best friend’s dads does every year at a historical area. . .but we teach them to decipher their opinions on their own rather than being told “This is what happened, this is how you should believe, and that is that.” We tell them that maybe one day they won’t even agree with how we see things now, but to at least research everything before coming to their own conclusions.

        I think the last reason is because my husband and I both were highly ridiculed when we were in schools and didn’t really have friends. We made friends mainly from youth groups or the internet!

        I also don’t believe in homework and the crazy pressure put on kids. I want to build responsibility in them, but I also think they need to play and enjoy childhood.

        It is really hard though being a homeschooling mom. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. I have already told them I am not teaching high school, but I don’t know what will happen. One of my friends said her mom didn’t even teach her in high school and that she did all her studies online, so maybe I can do that? Not really DO much other than talk to them and take them places.

        It is funny because the Blimey Cow Homeschool Mom vid is slightly me in certain ways and slightly not at all (some of what you guys portrayed are what I wish I could be). haha.

        I need homeschooling mom 101 most days. haha. I think I am with them too often and need a break. I can’t join a Co-op because it is required here for a mom to teach a subject or my kids can’t be a part of it, and really I want a break and all I can teach is Art but I would be responsible to buy all the supplies, which cost too much!

        There you have it! haha.


      • Thanks for explaining it all – that’s super interesting to read about your history and reasons for homeschooling your boys. For what it’s worth, my parents took a big step back in high school and I learned mainly on my own online or from tutors (TN laws are different I guess, because I had several non-parent teachers aka tutors through our co-op and my mom wasn’t required to teach). I can imagine it’s a really tough job though! I think it is cool how you teach your kids to decipher their own opinions and you admit that they might come to different conclusions when they’re older.. but you’re giving them the tools to think critically! That’s so valuable.

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      • Thanks. I just hope that regardless of what they come to understand, that they will find God through it and will look to Him for answers overall.

        Is there a homeschooling tutoring curriculum that you used or anything that might still be in progress and updated to today? I need to look into all that. I am terrible at math other than going up through long division and multiplication and basic daily work. Not sure how I’ll survive teaching it after this year. Fractions and I don’t get along and that is what we are entering for my older son next week. >.<


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