Just Keep Christmassing


Last week’s goals:

1. REALLY finish Christmas shopping: A-
I’ve got all gifts for Josh, each member of our families, and almost all our close friends.. there is one couple for whom I am still searching. The problem has been that I FOUND the perfect gift for them but it’s too expensive so I’m trying to talk myself into something that isn’t as perfect but fits our budget better.

2. Complete my post-surgery to-do list: B
There are still a couple of small things I need to do (mainly food prep things) but the big stuff is crossed off!

3. Soak up some Christmas: A
The house is decorated, I’ve got a Christmas spice candle burning, presents are wrapped, I’m watching Christmas movies every day, and I’ve been listening to Christmas music as much as I can stand (I’ve never been a huge fan of Christmas music, no matter how much I wish I loved it I just can’t stand too much at once). Plans are in place to celebrate Christmas with my family before my surgery & their travels.

This week’s goals:

1. Keep Christmassing it up
My surgery will be shortly before Christmas, so I’ve gotta get all my celebrating in before then! I don’t want to feel like I’m missing out on everything this year because of my surgery, but I also don’t want to feel obligated and overwhelmed by the pressure to ~not miss out~. There’s gotta be a balance. I guess I’ll play it by ear.

2. Food prep
I’d like to have most of my post-surgery foods made up and in the freezer, plus a couple of prepared meals for Josh to make his life a little easier when he’s juggling his normal responsibilities + recovering wife.


7 thoughts on “Just Keep Christmassing

    • Y’know, I think that since I’m going to miss out on most of the Christmas traditions this year because of my surgery, I may be making a bigger deal about Christmas than I usually do. I’m not the most Christmas-loving person I know, but this year I don’t want to feel like I’ve missed out on too much, you know?


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