5 Golden Days

Currently, I’m..

..hot mulled apple cider, yum! Sometimes I’ll steep a bag of chamomile in my apple cider, too. It’s a nice evening treat.

..having so many good energy days in a row! Today is my 5th! I’m not 100% sure what started this run of good days after feeling so crappy for so long before. Whatever triggered it, I’m enjoying feeling good again.

..today I made banana-almond bread, did some veggie prep, toasted pecans, bottled a batch of bone broth, and made apple cider “jello.” I haven’t been that productive in the kitchen in a long time! It felt really nice!

..getting to celebrate Christmas with my family – we are celebrating early because of my surgery (and because my parents might travel for Christmas). We’re having a Feener Christmas Pizza Party this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it!

Thankful for
• oversized sweaters • crockpots • bone broth • persimmons • good energy days! • iron • fluffy comforters • cuddles with Mia • big hugs for no reason • Josh’s diligence • Tessa Violet’s vlogmas videos • ripe bananas • family photos • Christmas lights • fuzzy socks •

What are you sipping, celebrating, cooking, anticipating, and/or thankful for this week?

10 thoughts on “5 Golden Days

  1. man I want that bread! Sounds so good! Enjoy your pizza party!!! Sounds fun! I never had bone broth before. What is that like? I am glad to hear about your energy!!! How wonderful!

    sipping: Fair Trade cocoa
    celebrating: paying off the husband’s school loan
    cooking: nothing today. Pizza night.
    anticipating: Hanukkah tied in with Jesus (we have nicknamed it Yeshuakkah haha)
    thankful for: Doris Day movies. She’s my favorite.


  2. Hi Kelli! I’ve never left a comment here before, but I’ve watched Blimey Cow for years and recently found your blog! I’m
    Sipping – hot water with lemon, because I don’t like tea very much but my throat is sore.
    Celebrating – Fun choir performances, rehearsals, and the cold weather. I love the cold days, sunny or cloudy, in December.
    Cooking – not much…I don’t cook much anyway; I bake more usually, but I’ve been really busy with school lately. The last thing I “cooked” was oatmeal this morning.
    Anticipating – my birthday, in a couple weeks! It’s on the 21st so I never have school on my birthday, which makes me happy 🙂
    Thankful for – Being able to do my school at home and having some free time this week to read.

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