3 Christmas Traditions


Since I’m having surgery next week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Christmas traditions that I want to squeeze in before then. There are little things like decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, and making the house smell like cinnamon.. but I’ve realized that what really makes me feel like it’s Christmas is being with family. That being said, here are three Christmas traditions that I enjoy (one from each household we celebrate with).

1. The Yearly Poster: every Christmas, I order a photo-grid poster from social print studio filled with Josh’s and my best instagram photos from the year. I always make sure to include photos from the big experiences of the year as well as sprinkle in some of the everyday moments we captured.. This year is the 5th year we’ve done this, and it’s really cool to look back and remember all the cool things that happened for us each year!

2. Gift-Opening Order: Some families approach gift-opening as a free-for-all, but my family takes turns so that everyone can see all the gifts. We go from youngest to oldest and then loop back around. It’s a small thing, but I really enjoy it because I feel like I can connect with each person better that way. I sometimes get overwhelmed when everything’s happening at once. I understand why some people wouldn’t like it – having the attention of the whole room can feel awkward – but I grew up doing it, so I don’t feel those anxieties with my family on Christmas morning. PLUS I like to see people’s reactions when they’re opening the gift I gave them! 😛

3. Annual Christmas Lights: There’s a big hotel in Nashville that’s known for it’s beautiful indoor gardens. Every year, they put up elaborate Christmas lights and decorations, including a big nativity scene out front. The Taylor family has been walking pretty much the same route through Opryland Hotel every year since long before I entered the picture. It’s always a lot of fun admiring the lights and goofing off as a family!

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?


5 thoughts on “3 Christmas Traditions

  1. A glass or three of bourbon to make it through family dinner 🙂 Kidding aside, the one tradition that I look forward to each year is the desk calendar that my wife and daughter put together for me. This will be the 7th year they’re doing it and I still have all the previous calendars at home stored away for a day when I need to be reminded of the important things. The calendar also takes me back to events that I’d normally not spend a lot of time thinking about, which has been a life long problem that I have yet to overcome.

    Appreciating the traditions is the stuff that keeps things going.


  2. I’ve been a bit out of the loop, so I didn’t realize (or forgot) you had an upcoming surgery. I’m sure that’s not fun to look forward to during the holiday season. My mom has a surgery coming up next Friday as well, and we’re not sure what to expect as far as her recovery time. Then my husband and I are travelling a few states away to spend Christmas with his family just 5 days later, so I’m feeling some guilt there. Anyways, I sure hope everything goes smoothly for you, and I’ll remember you in prayer for that, and a quick and painless recovery. 🙂

    I’m not sure we have any real traditions anymore. I guess maybe one of them is we always play Stevie Wonder’s Christmas album while decorating the tree, and it’s usually the first Christmas music we hear every year. That was one of our favorite Christmas albums growing up, and I’m not sure Joe cares for it much, but at least he lets me have that. 😉 haha

    Oh! My dad always reads the Christmas story out of Luke on Christmas Eve! 🙂 Even when we’re with my in-laws every other year, they will find a good time to call me and put the phone on speaker so I can “be there” for it. So that’s always kind of neat.


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  4. The yearly poster is neat!

    My family growing up used to take turns opening up presents in rounds, but gift by gift alternating who opens something.

    The indoor garden with lights sounds fun! My oldest son loves looking at lights and candles so we drive around admiring them.


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