Early Christmas

Today we celebrated Christmas with my family!

Since my surgery is next week, and my parents will probably be visiting extended family on Christmas Day, we went ahead and celebrated early. For me, it was one of the most fun Christmas celebrations in a long time!

We kept things simple and ordered pizza (I also made a salad for the group and brought along my own GF/DF personal pizza). It was definitely an unconventional Christmas Dinner, but that actually made it kinda fun. No stress, no mess – just a simple, relaxed meal together.

My absolutely favorite part of Christmas every year is watching people open the gifts I picked out for them. I love it when I’m able to surprise someone! Today was extra  satisfying in that department. I got good reactions from everyone so my heart is happy 🙂


The kids surprised Dad with a new camera (his old camera was amusingly outdated – we made sure this new one had a big display screen for his old eyes 😛 ). We got a great reaction when he unwrapped it! 

We finished out the evening with a round of bowling. It was so fun to just hang out and play as a family together. The best part was that Mom had a blast! We’ll have to do that more often, I think. She was beaming.


I didn’t really take many pictures today but we did get a kind stranger to take this photo for us at the ‘trike & Spare 😉

Pizza party + presents + bowling = a super fun Christmas! I think today was just what I needed to calm my Christmas FoMO. Of course I hope that I’ll be feeling well enough on Christmas to celebrate with Josh and his family, but getting to celebrate early with my family makes me feel like at least I have one good Christmas experience under my belt to remember for this year, no matter how long my recovery ends up taking.

Today was seriously so good ❤ Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Early Christmas

  1. I’m glad you had a great day. I hope everything goes well with your surgery:) May the rest of your Christmas be merry and full of cheer.


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  3. I am glad that it went so well and is one of the best ones you’ve had! Bowling is so much fun. We used to bowl every single weekend because there was a free bowling program in the summer. My little one wants to go bowling for his eighth birthday next Thursday but they have league games during that time and so because it is a busy time of year we have to put it on hold until after things die down a bit.


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