My Week in Pictures

This week was pretty great. I actually took and posted photos on Instagram, too! I’ve been out of the habit for a while but I’m trying to get back into it because I enjoy sharing and having the photos to look back on. Here’s this week in Instagram posts, for those of you who aren’t on there.

Sunday: Feener family lunch! I snapped this cute selfie with my Dad while we were setting up the shot for the Christmas card photo 🙂

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Dad & Me ❤️

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Monday: Spent the day in my Christmas PJ’s and ate my second persimmon of the season. Persimmons are my favorite!


Tuesday: Started a batch of bone broth using the bones from the Taylor family’s (smoked!) Thanksgiving turkey. This turned out really yummy! I’m freezing it into individual portions to drink during my surgery recovery.


Wednesday: We shot tomorrow’s video early this week because Jordan was out of town during the second half of the week. Mia did a great job staying quiet during filming (sometimes it’s a but of a struggle, haha). Josh got this picture of us cuddling between scenes and I think it’s the cutest thing ever:

This was also Wednesday, between shots. The camera was low because we had a table scene, but this picture looks like she’s ready to host the show herself, haha.

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She's ready for her close up

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I didn’t share any photos from Thursday or Friday. And I don’t even remember what happened on those days. Womp womp. (I think I spent them in bed feeling achey/inflamed but it wasn’t anything too bad)

I already blogged about how great yesterday (Saturday) was. This isn’t the best quality photo, but it commemorates a pretty perfect day of pizza / early Christmas / bowling.

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🍕🎄🎁🎳❗️(perfect day)

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Today, we spent that day hanging out with Josh’s family, including a trip to the Christmas Tree Tent down the road to pick the perfect tree for their home. They haven’t been home for Christmas in a few years, so it’s awesome to get to have these Christmassy experiences with them this year!

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