Rest & Recovery Week

Last week’s goals:

1. Keep Christmassing: A+
I know I keep talking about squeezing in as much “Christmas cheer” before my surgery, and this week I think I got just what I was hoping for. The house is decorated, the gifts are all wrapped, and over the weekend I got to celebrate early with my family and help pick out a tree with Josh’s family. Hopefully I will be feeling well enough to celebrate on Christmas with family, but if not… I don’t feel like I’m missing out completely on Christmas anymore. 🙂

2. Food Prep: B
I didn’t quite get all the prep I’d hoped done, but I have a couple more days before surgery so I have time.

This week’s goals:

1. Rest and Recover
My surgery is an outpatient procedure so I will be able to go home that night and recover in a familiar environment. My only objective this week is to focus on rest beforehand and recovery afterward.

2. Don’t freak out
I’ve been feeling surprisingly at peace about having surgery and I’d like to continue tapping into that calmness in the days leading up to procedure. Last night I had some stress dreams about it but hopefully that was just a fluke. I’ve done all I can to prepare, and I know that stressing out about it isn’t going to help anything. I’m ready to get it over with and be one step closer to feeling healthy again!

4 thoughts on “Rest & Recovery Week

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